Trail Conditions


Fuel Stop on Rt 30 south in Wells:  LakeSide General Store  --- Accessible at Southeast end of Lake Algonquin.

Caution- Riding lakes is at your own risk !


S41D (Fly Creek Rd) Open.

S41A (Elm Lake Road - North of Outhouse Corners) Open.

S42 North of lake ALONG ROUTE 30, HAMI 706 to HAMI 702 (Old Rt 8)

Open.  Food Stop on Trail --- OverRock Cafe. ---

S44 South of lake to HAMI 705 (Pumpkin Hollow Rd) Open

S47 (Between lake and Pine Orchard - HAMI 704) Open.

S49 (South of Pumpkin Hollow Rd to Hope Falls) Open.

C4 HAMI 700/HAMI 701/HAMI 702 (Old Rt 30/8) Open.

C4 HAMI 702 to HAMI 703 (Betw Old Rt 8 and Griffin Gorge) Open.

C4 HAMI 703 to Georgia Creek (Thurman Junction) Open.

C4B HAMI 700-HAMI 706 (Gilmantown trail) Open.

S43 HAMI704-HAMI705 (Between Pumpkin Hollow Rd & Flater/Dorr Rd) Open.

S43 HAMI 703 to HAMI 704 (Pine Orchard) Open.

S43 HAMI 705 (Pumpkin Hollow Rd) east to Wilcox Lk. Open.

Caution- Yield to groomer on trails. Ride Safely !

NOTICE: Information contained herein is subject to change without notice. This information is provided as a courtesy without any warranty of any kind, express or implied. The Algonquin Sno-Blazers are not liable for its accuracy, mistakes, errors, or omissions of any kind, nor for any loss or damage caused by a user's reliance on information obtained in these areas. Snowmobilers are cautioned that conditions may change since this report was posted. The Algonquin Sno-Blazers strongly urge each individual to abide by the rules of the Motorized Snow Vehicle Act. All trails are used at own risk.

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