Trail Conditions


Fuel Stop on Rt 30 south in Wells:  LakeSide General Store  --- Accessible at Southeast end of Lake Algonquin.

Caution- Riding lakes is at your own risk !


S41D (Fly Creek Rd) Open. Groomed 1/26/19.

S41A (Elm Lake Road - North of Outhouse Corners) Open.

S42 North of lake ALONG ROUTE 30, HAMI 706 to HAMI 702 (Old Rt 8)

Open.  Food Stop on Trail --- OverRock Cafe. --- Groomed 1/26/19.

S44 South of lake to HAMI 705 (Pumpkin Hollow Rd) Open

S47 (Between lake and Pine Orchard - HAMI 704) Open.

S49 (South of Pumpkin Hollow Rd to Hope Falls) Open.

C4 HAMI 700/HAMI 701/HAMI 702 (Old Rt 30/8) Open. Groomed 1/26/19.

C4 HAMI 702 to HAMI 703 (Betw Old Rt 8 and Griffin Gorge) Open.

C4 HAMI 703 to Georgia Creek (Thurman Junction) Open.

C4B HAMI 700-HAMI 706 (Gilmantown trail) Open.  Groomed 1/26/19.

S43 HAMI704-HAMI705 (Between Pumpkin Hollow Rd & Flater/Dorr Rd) Open.

S43 HAMI 703 to HAMI 704 (Pine Orchard) Open.

S43 HAMI 705 (Pumpkin Hollow Rd) east to Wilcox Lk. Open.

Caution- Yield to groomer on trails. Ride Safely !

NOTICE: Information contained herein is subject to change without notice. This information is provided as a courtesy without any warranty of any kind, express or implied. The Algonquin Sno-Blazers are not liable for its accuracy, mistakes, errors, or omissions of any kind, nor for any loss or damage caused by a user's reliance on information obtained in these areas. Snowmobilers are cautioned that conditions may change since this report was posted. The Algonquin Sno-Blazers strongly urge each individual to abide by the rules of the Motorized Snow Vehicle Act. All trails are used at own risk.

Club Updates 1.19.18

Darrin's Ride Report- Jan 2018

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ILSNOW News 5.2.19

Top Urgent! Please Read

Please click onto the Petition to Pull the Rails from Lake Placid to Big Moose, print it out, then get signatures. Link to petition here: Distribute and share this with your favorite snowmobile dealer and clubs....

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